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RQLEX, GASIO, BRATLING och AMORNI. Är Adidas mer äkta än Abibos, var går gränsen för en kopia och när blir det ett nytt original? Treaedmark är en dubbelvolym innehållande hundratals dokumentära fotografier från Kairo.

Volym 1 innehåller skor, kläder, accessoarer och annat.

Volym 2 innehåller parfymer

Ur förordet:

ABIBOS shoes, DEESUL jeans, a SONIA walkman, HUGO BQSS cologne, PIANOSONIC ghetto blaster. Original fakes, that’s what we were after. We developed a kind of sixth-sense for them, noticing them in shop windows, on the backs of people passing by. One time we saw a man wearing a LACOASTE shirt, but the strap of his bag was covering the misspelling. We followed him to the train station, intent on asking him to move his bag so we could get a picture of him. He boarded a train and we followed him onboard, pursuing him down the aisles of the overcrowded train cars as he looked for a free seat. After chasing him through two cabins, we asked someone where the train was going. It was heading for Aswan. Was it worth getting stuck on an overcrowded train for an 18-hour trip that we didn’t have a ticket for? We reluctantly stepped back onto the platform but the sad truth is, it would have been worth it.

Omfång: 2x192
Utförande: Färg
Format: 135 X 200
ISBN: 9789186593087
Pris: 185 kr